Searching for the Titanic in New York City

Note about camera and film:  Since I did not want to raise suspicion by carrying my Minolta Maxxum 7000 camera into a Broadway theater, I chose to use a Minolta AF-Tele zoom camera which can be easily stowed in a purse.  Unfortunately this fully automatic camera cannot use a polarized filter for removing glare.  I used Kodak Gold 200 film.
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Part I: Atlantic Ocean Part III: Lower Broadway Part V: Titanic:  A New Musical
Part II: Chelsea Piers Part IV:   Titanic Memorial Lighthouse at South Street Seaport Museum
Extra Photos and Locations
Can't Get Enough of the Ship of Dreams? ---Recommended Reading
In Association with No Coloradan's Titanic page would be complete without mentioning the Molly Brown House
Ghosts of the Abyss
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