Part III:  Lower Broadway

1 Broadway, now a Citibank, was formerly owned by the International Mercantile Marine Company.  It was purchased by the IMM in 1920-21, so is post-Titanic but is definitely a pertinant site.  There are two side doors depicting "First Class" and "Cabin Class" entrances.  Along this sidewalk now is a major bus stop so it was difficult to get these photos during rush hour when I was there.

IMM Building IMM - First Class Entrance IMM - Cabin Class Entrance

White Star Line Building 9 Broadway, now a Radio Shack, was the site of the White Star Line.  Passengers would have purchased tickets here for Titanic's return voyage on April 20, 1912.

Now a post office, the Cunard Line building (1919) is at 25 Broadway.  It was the Carpathia's parent company.  Cunard later merged with WSL with the former being the senior partner.

Cunard Line Building

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